Space Man Spotted in Waddington

From time to time we stumble across a job that gets the creative juices going, the pictures below are from shoot at RAF Waddington where a sc-fi film is been put together. As always we were in early, shooting doesn't start for another few weeks and the set is still undergoing construction, this meant a limited number of places to shoot. I got the safe shot done quite quickly, posing up the producer with camera on set, lit from the side with a Nikon SB 800 on remote, triggered buy the cameras on board flash set to commander mode.
I wanted the second shot to show an insight into what the film will feel like once finished, the producer explained it was a very dark and gritty feel he was going for, we moved onto another part of the set where they had helmets lit from the inside that were used by the drift hunter characters in the film, this along with a gun and uniform got the brain cogs working if I could add some subtle lighting this may make a more atmospheric shot. The producer agreed to don the outfit and I set about lighting the scene, using one of their filming lights I placed it on top of the set shooting through a grid, the down light gave a dramatic effect that didn't overpower the lights in the helmet and resulted in a great image.